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Politically speaking, Grenada is a fledgling nation struggling to position itself on the world stage. The fact is that we lack real political maturity as a nation. That means, we the people, can not lay the blame solely at the politicians’ doors. That said, there is without doubt a deep seated belief amongst civil society, that our politicians, regardless of their political persuasion, are more concerned about how we look to an international audience, rather than how we engage our own people. This emphasis of course changes, around election time.

There is no real big difference between the main Grenadian political parties.  The colour of the T-shirt does not matter.  The fact is—and Grenada is not alone—we do not have the strategic know-how to deal with the economic conditions we are facing. However, the egos of politicians fail to accept this and we are left accountable for their ill conceived strategies. This kind of behaviour is at epidemic proportions in the Caribbean. You see, these individuals are too busy trying to be international statesmen, using high brow language—so they sound like they know what they’re talking about—with a complete disconnect to what is happening at ground level. And it is not all their fault. Do you know why? Because, they are doing what they think they should be doing and there is no independent body keeping them in check. Until, now that is. Democratic and politically mature nations understand this dynamic, only too well.

Since 1983, both the main political parties in Grenada, have succumbed to uncontrolled debt financing mechanisms resulting in high wastage of public money. This socio-economic policy was a huge contributor to the current global crisis and Grenada seems to be following suit.  There is no polite way of saying this, it is just plain, wrong.

This debt is serviced through taxation and nothing else. In fact all Grenadians, including children who have only just spent their first pocket money – pay visible and invisible taxes.  Even though taxpayers considerably outnumber politicians, government dwarfs us and political interests take precedent. Government currently takes up to 70% of our every dollar and at the same time our national debt continues to grow.

We, the taxpayers and voters, must assume our ultimate personal responsibility for our national demotivation and the miserable state of Grenadian economy. For this we have all the rights and powers. We are the principals and we’ve set out to put politicians and bureaucrats in their service role. TAG is our nominated and independent auditor, advisor and advocate, it educates and unites us.