It's all about talking action!

Don't sit on the fence, share your views!


Four simple ways to get your voice heard!

1. Writing to a newspaper, TV or website.  Doing so will help create a buzz on taxpayer issues.  Issues of taxation, government waste and accountability have a good chance at being published. This means your letter could send a message to thousands of people.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Keep it short and focused on one issue.
  • You may disagree on the issue, but don’t be abusive.
  • Use a personal example that supports your concern.
  • Put your name and address on the letter.
  • If they send a vague reply, send another letter asking specifically where they stand on the issue.
  • Show respect for the leader’s position. It is proper to address the Prime Minister as “The Rt. Honourable” and start the letter with “Dear Prime Minister”; cabinet ministers should be addressed as “The Honourable” and start their letters with “Dear Madame or Mr. Minister.” MPs should be addressed as “Mr./Mrs./Ms. surname
  • Send a thank-you letter should the politician take a taxpayer-friendly position.

2. Write your MP or any other politician.

This is the best proactive way to get involved. Politicians understand that a single letter represents the views of several of their constituents.

Important :  to cc a copy of your letter to TAG, and especially any response you may get back. TAG directors may wish to follow-up themselves.

3. Pre-budget recommendations to reduce government spending and borrowing.  Seldom do taxpayers take advantage of these opportunities. Find out when Government and Parliament meet and ask how to make a presentation.

4. Message Boards, Forums, and Surveys

Even non-political message boards usually have a section for off-topic issues and this provides a place for taxpayers to have their say. Politicians pay close attention to public opinion polls, and TAG will organise them. So take your time to respond to pollsters.

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