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Join the largest and most influential social group in Grenada that guards your money and your future.


The Global Financial Debt, Climate Change and related problems are caused by the imperfection of the present political, socio-economic and ideological/spiritual models that caused and allowed these crises and defaults.

As part of a worldwide public reaction and as a proposed additional or alternative solution, the Sustainable Private and Public Finance and Taxpayers Associations emerged recently, and TAG is an affiliated member of this Global Network.

Private and public finance must preserve the planet and civilization. We need to create a responsible global citizen mentality.


Part and full time activists wanted for positions in the Taxpayers Association of Grenada (TAG):


1. Taxpayers Campaign and Group Coordinators:

Motivated and socially active persons to organise Taxpayers Groups in selected professional, cultural, youth, community and other social sectors.


2. Specialists in the following areas:

Economics, Mass Media, Social Sciences, Banking, Finance, Law, PR.


Please send your CV and a cover letter to

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